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  Consolidation Test Set : For determining rate and magnitude of consolidation of soil when it is restrained laterally, loaded and drained
Consolidation Test Set  
Consolidation Test Set Description :
Part Name
STE-601 Consolidation Frame :
STE-601.1 Frame Cast alumunium, two test unit   2 Set
STE-601.2 Loading Set  Three alternative lever arm 2 Set
STE-602 Consolidometer Brass, 50.5 mm sample dia., Porous stone, loading cap 2 Set
STE-603 Loads  
Consist of :
STE-603.1 Loads  500 gr weight   4 Pcs
STE-603.2 Loads  1000 gr weight   2 Pcs
STE-603.3 Loads  2000 gr weight   2 Pcs
STE-603.4 Loads  4000 gr weight   2 Pcs
STE-603.5 Loads  8000 gr weight   2 Pcs
STE-604 Sample Tube Machined steel, 50.5 mm dia.,    1 Set
galvanized, with extruder
GTE-140 Dial Indicator                 Range, 10 mm x 0.01 mm    2 Pcs
GTE-590   Wire Saw                      10 cm length 1 Pc
ASTM D-2435 <> AASTHO T-216
Weight    : 135  kg
Brand : DBA  
Price : Flexible / Negotiable  
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