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Digital Compression Machine
  Digital Compression Machine : For Determining compressive strength of concrete sample ASTM C-39
digital compression machine  
Specification : Digital Compression Machine
Frame :
* The Frame is stronge welded steel construction double plate with many steel square
   pillars between
* Designed for heavy continue work
* The frame with safety front door for care or avoiding of eyes from the fowder of the broken specimen/sample
Dim & Weight :
Dimension : 125 x 90 x 80 cm (LxWxH)
Weight : 600 Kg
Display Indicator :
Display Indicator , steel plate box, soft touch keyboard
Range in kN, 1 kN Accuracy
1. Simple Operation System
2. Keyboard calibration and configuration
3. Exitation voltage, DC 5V ;up to 4, 350
4. Manual or Automatic memory accumulation facility
5. High resolution (x10)Display
6. Selectable digital filtering
7. Selectable automatic Power off
8. 6-bit display resolution
9. Selectable Display resolution
10. RS-232C The Interface 1200,2400,4800,9600, Baud Rate continous ASCII data Output
11. External Power Supply 220VAC, External rechargeable 6V DC Battery

Hydraulic Pump :
Electromotor, Hydraulic Oil Injector 10.000 psi cap, 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 1000 Watt, maximum
working pressure 50.000 kPa, output oil pressure minimum ml/minute variable speed
Hydraulic System :
Mild-steel cylinder, piston 230 mm diameter, Dimension 300 mm dia. X 320 mm height
gravity return piston
Pressure Tranducer :
Stainless steel, 10.000 Psi
Flexible upper steel platent, rebound base platen for concrete cube sample
Rebound base plates for concrete cube mold
Sample size for :
Concrete Cube 15 x 15 x 15 cm
Concrete Cylinder Mold 15 cm dia. X 30 cm height
Accessories :
1. Base sparately distance for cube testing
2. AC Automatic Voltage Regulator 1.500 watt 220 VAC
3. Tranducers Cable
4. Power cable digital indicator
5. Power cable hydraulic pump
Included :
1. Training operasional and maintenance
2. Calibration Certificate Book
3. Warranty Book

Digital Compression Machine Series :
COE-290A   1500 kN
COE-290B 2000 kN
COE-290C   3000 kN

Brand : DBA
Price : Flexible / Negotiable  
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