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  Hydraulic Dutch Cone Penetrometer - Sondir :For determining cone resistance and friction resistance of soil layers.

The Dutch cone penetration test (DCP) Sondir, is a versatile sounding method than can be used to estimate soil properties and determine the type of materials. This is also known as the static penetration test. The cone penetration measures the cone resistance (qc) and the frictional resistance (fc) incrementally.
The Dutch Cone Penetrometer- Sondir Tests (CPT).  This test involves forcing a cone into the ground and measuring the rate of pressure needed for each increment of  penetration.

(1) Resistance.  For the Dutch Cone / Sondir, resistance to penetration is the sum of point resistance and frictional resistance on the sides of the shaft.  The more sophisticated systems can differentiate between the point and frictional components of the resistance, and the ratio between frictional and point resistance (Friction Ratio) is one aid in  differentiating between various soil types.  Clean sands generally exhibit very low ratios (low friction component in comparison to point resistance), while an increase in clay content will usually result in a higher ratio, more often the result of a reduction in point resistance rather than an increase in frictional component.

(2) Correlations.  Correlations have been developed for the cone penetration test with bearing capacity, relative density of sands, strength and sensitivity of clays and overconsolidation, as well as with SPT values and pile design parameters

Cone penetrometer/Sondir testing  described in this report has been carried out using an friction cone penetrometer. In the tests, the sounding rod with a cone-tipped end is pushed continuously into the soil, the reaction being provided by an Hydraulic ram system. Measurements are made of the end bearing resistance on the cone and the friction resistance sleeve immediately behind the cone. the tip of the assembly are connected to pressure gauge for penetration reading. As penetration occurs  the information collected on a paper chart and at the end of the test is stored.
 for plotting chart of the results.

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