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  Name Dynamic Cone Penetrometer - DCP
  Type STE-140      
  Brand DBA | Duta Buana Abadi      
  Origin Indonesia      
  Scope :
  For rapid determination of field CBR value on site. (Rapid quality control)
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Download Brochure   STE-141 Handle Stainless steel 1 Pc
    STE-142 Hammer Machine steel, painted 8 kg weight 1 Pc
    STE-143 Guide Rod Stainless steel, 16 mm dia, drop height 575 mm 1 Pc
    STE-144 Anvil Stainless steel, painted 1 Pc
    STE-145 Penetration Rod Stainless steel, 16 mm dia, 1 Pc
    STE-146 Cone Hardened tool steel cone tip 3 Pc
        60 angle, 20 mm dia. Stainless steel adaptor    
    STE-147 Penetration Scale Stainless steel, 16 mm dia, 75 scale 1 Pc
    STE-148 Carrying Bag Water Froof Cloth 1 Pc
  STE-149 Open End Wrench Vanadium steel 12 - 13 and 14 - 15 1 Pc
      Weight : 15 kg      
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