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  FIeld CBR Test Set : For determining CBR value on place.
Field CBR Test Set  
FIeld CBR Test Set Description ( ASTM D-4429 )
Part Name
STE-221 Mechanical Jack                 Cast alumunium housing, 5 tons capacity,                       1 Pc
hand operated, 2 speed, supplied with handle        
STE-222 Field Penetration  Piston Machined steel, galvanized, 1.954’’ piston diameter 1 Pc
STE-223 Extention set      Machined steel, galvanized, (5, 10, 20, 30, and 60 cm), 1 Set  
provided with conecting  adaptor
STE-224 Reference Beam                Steel pipe, 150 cm span                                            1 Set  
STE-225 Circular Surcharge Weight Machined steel, galvanized,10’’ diameter,10 lbs weight   1 Pc
STE-226 Sloted Surcharge Weight Machined steel, galvanized, 8’’ diameter, 10 lbs weight 1 Pc
STE-227 Sloted Surcharge                Machined steel, galvanized,                                      1 Pc
GTE-100.4 Proving Ring 2.000 lbs capacity    1 Unit  
GTE-100.6 Proving Ring                       10.000 lbs capacity  1 Unit  
GTE-141 Dial Indicator                       Range 20 x 0.01 mm                                1 Pc 
GTE-146 Dial Holder                           Magnetic 1 Pc 
Weight       :  75 kg
Also required, but not part of this set
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