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  Name Hand Bor | Hand Auger      
Hand Bor   Type STE-100      
  Brand DBA | Duta Buana Abadi      
  Origin Indonesia      
  Drilling for soil sampler preparation
  STE-101 Drilling Rod Solid bar, 1 mtr length 1 1/4" dia 10 Pcs
  STE-102 Iwan Type Auger Welded Steel, two radial, blades 4" dia 1 Pc
  STE-103 Straight Choping Steel Bar, Hardened tip 1 Pc
  STE-104 T-Piece Welded steel 1 Pc
  STE-105 Tube Adaptor Mechanical steel with 3 clamping bolts 1 Pc
  STE-106 Tuning Rod Mechanical steel, 1 1/4" dia, 60 cm length 1 Pc
  STE-107 Sampling Tube 68 mm dia, 40 cm length, 3 bolts holes 10 Pcs
  STE-108 Rod Head Hardened, Machined Steel 2 1/2" dia 1 Pc
Clik For Larger Image   STE-110 Vertical Guide Machined steel 1 Pc
Download Hand Bor Brochure   GTE-621 Hammer 5 kg weight 1 Pc
    GTE-630 Steel Wire Brush Wooden Handle 1 Pc
    GTE-685 Allen Key Hardened steel 1/4" dia 1 Pc
    GTE-689 Pipe Wrench 24" length 2 Pcs
    Weight +/- 140 Kg      
    Packing Wooden Packaging      
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