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  Hydrometer Analysis Test Set : For determining grain size distribution of finel samplee
Hydrometer Analysis Test Set  
Hydrometer Analysis Test Set Description :  
Part Name
STE-311 Hydrometer A ( 152 H )   Glass, tream line, range 0-60 gr soil/litre 1 Pc
STE-312 Hydrometer A ( 151 H ) Glass, tream line, range 0.995-1.038 1 Pc
STE-313 Mechanical Stirrer Electric 220 V,cast alumunium,10.000 rpm, dispension cup     1 Pc
STE-314 Hydrometer Jar Bath     Steel sheet, fibre glass coaled,
dim 60 x 30 x 40 cm  
1 Pc
STE-315 Water Heater                Electricrange ambient to 40  C   1 Pc
STE-316 Sodium Hexa                 Powder      1 kg
STE-317 Water Glass                  Liquid 1 kg
STE-318 Hydrometer Jar             Glass, 1000 ml cap. 2 ½ “ dia approx 1 Pc
GTE-280 Thermometer                    Glass, 0-50  C capacity  3 Pcs
GTE-355 Graduated Cylinder       Glass, 1000 ml capacity 1 Pc
  1 Pc
ASTM D-422 <> AASTHO T-89        
Weight    :  45  kg        
Also required, but not part of this set
> Cent O Gram Balance
> Drying Oven
> Mixing Bowl
> Beaker Glass
> Dessicator
> Wash Bottle
> Stop Watch
> Rubber Gloves
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Price : Flexible / Negotiable  
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