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Percentage Refusal Density ( PRD )  
Percentage Refusal Density (PRD) is defined as the ratio of the initial dried bulk density of the sample
to the final density ( refusal density )expressed as a percentage. The sample bulk density is determined by 
weighing in air and water. It is then heated in a split mould and compacted to refusal using a vibrating 
hammer. The final density is obtained by weighing in air and water.
BS 598 - 104
Percentage Refusal Density (PRD) Description :
Part Name
STE-626 Vibrating Hammer         Suitable for compacting soil samples, Electric, 220 Volt. 1 Pc
STE-627 Mold and Base Plate     Small  : 4’’ (101.6 mm) id.  Large  : 6’’ (152.4 mm) id. 1 Pc
STE-628 Tamping Foot                Small  : 102 mm diameter.  Large  : 146 mm diameter        1 Pc
STE-629 Shank                      300 mm long for tamping fool                       1 Pc
Weight    : 35   kg
Price : Flexible / Negotiable  
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