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  Plate Bearing Test Set : For determining ultimate bearing capacity of soil on place be means of field loding test. ASTM D-1194 <> AASTHO T-235
Plate Bearing Test Set  
Plate Bearing Test Set Description :
Part Name
STE-201 Hydraulic Jack - Consist of : 300 kN capacity, manometer - read out, hand operated 1 Pc
STE-201.1 Force Gauge 6’’ dia. 300 kN capacity, 1 kN increment 1 Pc
STE-201.2 Hydraulic Jac 300 kN capacity. 1 Pc
STE-201.3 Hydraulic Pump  Single action, 10.000 psi cap.    1 Pc
STE-201.4 Hydraulic Hose 10.000 psi cap., 180 cm length     1 Pc
STE-202 Reference Beam         Steel pipe, 150 cm span, 40 cm height           1 Pc
STE-203 Circular Bearing Plate    Machined steel, 6” dia, 1” thick                 1 Pc
STE-204 Circular Bearing Plate    Machined steel, 10” dia, 1” thick       1 Pc
STE-205 Circular Bearing Plate    Machined steel, 12” dia, 1” thick    1 Pc
STE-206 Circular Bearing Plate    Machined steel, 18” dia, 1” thick   1 Pc
STE-207 Circular Bearing Plate    Machined steel, 24” dia, 1” thick 1 Pc
STE-208 Circular Bearing Plate  Machined steel, 30” dia, 1” thick     1 Pc
STE-209 Square Bearing Plate Machined steel, 12” x 12” thick 1 Pc
GTE-141 Dial Indicator           Range 20 x 0.01 mm                       4 Pcs
GTE-146 Dial Holder      Magnetic                             4 Pcs
Weight       :  300 kg        
Brand : DBA  
Price : Flexible / Negotiable  
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