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  Triaxial Test Set : For determining stress strain relationship of cohesive soil without confining pressure
Triaxial Test Set  
Triaxial Test Set Description :
Part Name
STE-751 Triaxial Compression Machine                          1 ton capacity, mm/min., Hand operated and Electric 1 Unit
                               220 Volt, 100 Watt, 25 speed
STE-752 Panel Control - Consist of :
STE-752.1 Pore Pressure              10 kg/cm  manometer system                          1 Pc
STE-752.2 Cell Pressure                10 kg/cm  manometer system                          1 Pc
STE-752.3 Back Pressure              10 kg/cm  manometer system                          1 Pc
STE-752.4 Burette                          for measuring water volume                             1 Pc
STE-752.5 Water Tank                   Plastic, 3 and 5 litre capacity                            2 Pcs
STE-752.6 Vacuum Tank    1 Pc
STE-753 Triaxial Cell ( Cell chamber )
Consist of :
STE-753.1 Triaxial Cell                    Acrylic Transparent                                          1 Pc
STE-753.2 Sample Pad                   For 35 mm speciment                                      1 Pc
STE-753.3 Sample Pad                   For 55 mm speciment                                      1 Pc
STE-754 Constant Pressure -Consist of
STE-754.1 Air Regulator                For cell pressure                                               1 Pc 
STE-754.2 Air Regulator                For back pressure                                               1 Pc 
STE-755 Proving Ring                 200 kg capacity                                                1 Pc 
STE-756 Dial Indicator                20 mm x 0.01 mm                                            1 Pc 
STE-757 Compressor Pump       0-10 kg/cm2                                                     1 Pc
STE-758 Vacuum Pump            0-76 cm Hg                                                      1 Pc
STE-759.1 O-ring Placing Tool       35 mm dia.,                                                      1 Pc
STE-759.2 O-ring Placing Tool       50 mm dia.,                                                      1 Pc
STE-760.1 Suction Membrane       35 mm dia.                                                       1 Pc
STE-760.2 Suction Membrane       50 mm dia.                                                       1 Pc
STE-761.1 Sample Tube                50 mm dia.                                                       1 Pc
STE-761.2 Sample Tube                35 mm dia.                                                       1 Pc
STE-762.1 Two Ways Split Former            35 mm dia.  1 Pc
STE-762.2 Two Ways Split Former            50 mm dia.  1 Pc
STE-763.1 Rubber Membrane      35 mm dia.                                                     10 Pcs
STE-763.2 Rubber Membrane       50 mm dia.                                                     10 Pcs
STE-764.1 Membrane Sealing       35 mm dia.                                                       4 Pcs
STE-764.2 Membrane Sealing       50 mm dia.                                                       4 Pcs
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    ASTM D-2166 <> AASHTO T-208
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