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  Unconfined Test Set : For determining stress strain relationship of cohesive soil without confining pressure
Unconfined Test Set  
Unconfined Test Set Description :
Part Name
STE-551 Unconfined Compression  Cast alumunium,gear box,adjustable height of top platen, 1 Set
Machine                        hand operated 200 kg capacity
STE-552 Sample Tubes :
STE-552.1 Sample Tube                 35 mm dia x 70 mm height      1 Pc
STE-552.2 Sample Tube                 47.5 mm dia x 95 mm height 1 Pc
STE-552.3 Sample Tube                 70 mm dia x 140 mm height  1 Pc
STE-553 Split Sample Tubes :
STE-553.1 Split Sample Tube        35 mm dia x 70 mm height 1 Pc
STE-553.2 Split Sample Tube        47.5 mm dia x 95 mm height 1 Pc
STE-553.3 Split Sample Tube        70 mm dia x 140 mm height  1 Pc
STE-554 Extruders  :
STE-554.1 Extruder                        34.5 mm dia x 71 mm height  1 Pc
STE-554.2 Extruder                        47 mm dia x 96 mm height  1 Pc
STE-554.3 Extruder                        69.5 mm dia x 141 mm height 1 Pc
STE-555 Trimmer Steel frame, 3 tubes sizes 1 Pc
GTE-100 Proving Ring 100 kg capacity 1 Pc
GTE-142 Dial Indicator Range, 30 mm x 0.01 mm  1 Pc
GTE-480 Thin Box Alumunium, 60 gr capacity 12 Pcs
GTE-590 Wire Saw 10 cm lengt 1 Pc
ASTM D-2166 <> AASTHO T-208
Weight       :  60 kg
Brand : DBA  
Price : Flexible / Negotiable  
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