DUTA BUANA ABADI : Specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of quality Construction Materials and Environmental Testing Instrumentation. The satisfactory completion and ongoing performance of any civil engineering project is our goal.




.....................PT DUTA BUANA ABADI INDONESIA is supplier and manufacturer of civil engineering quality control tools such as construction for road, bridge, buildings and dams, especially high quality products for soil quality testing, concrete, asphalt, stones and construction materials which usefull to determine the quality of constructions as it will lenghthen its lifetime,ensure the quality of the construction and reduce the construction cost. Our products are widely used for soil mechanical, asphalt, concrete, mineral and other research related to civil engineering. We also provide distribution of laboratory equipment for construction/material consultancy and education provider.

..................PT. DUTA BUANA ABADI INDONESIA delivers not only the best high quality products, but also the the best after sales service and distribution services as we also integrated with the highly experienced cargo and logistic services

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