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13. Modulus Of Elasticity In Concrete Test
Modulus Of Elasticity In Concrete Test   For measuring average axial deformation of concrete cylindrical sample during compression test, 
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14. Calibration Anvil    
Calibration Anvil   Calibration Anvil : For calibration of concrete test hammer
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15. Concrete Test Hammer
Concrete Test Hammer  
Features :
The type N (Original : Schmidt - Switzerland), is designed for testing concrete items 
100mm (4") or more in thickness,
or concrete with a maximum particles size less than or equal to 32 mm (1.25").
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16. Universal Testing Machine    
Universal Testing Machine   Universal Testing Machine : Heavyduty welded steel constructions
Part Name
Compression Force Capacity 150 Tons
Tension Force Capacity 50 Tons
Double Force Gauge 10 Inch Diameter
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